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Hoof motion (Full) 2020

Hoof motion 2020OSTERMUNDIGEN, CH - Eggplate - Why are we doing this?

The hoof of horses consists of a single toe, even though horses originally had five toes. The geometries of the foot bones in the course of the horse's evolution support the hypothesis that a single weight-bearing toe is favoured when body weight increases. Additional toes would make the feet unnecessarily heavy, measured by the benefit to stability. Nature shows a hollow space in the hoof - with Eggplate we now do the opposite.

Eggplate - one step ahead of evolution!

We have created a slow motion video. It shows the horse with old eggplates, without iron, with fullrocker shoeing and finally with new eggplates. We filmed each jump and landing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Thomas, Valerio, Jeremy and Rachel for their active support.

Jeremy Zuber, Swiss Champion SwissSkills 2019

CHI Genève 2018ST. GALLEN, CH - The farrier's smithy chose its new Swiss Champion of Learners 2019. The competition was held as part of the SwissSkills on 13 and 14 April 2019 at the OFFA in St. Gallen. The gold medal went to Jeremy Zuber from Müntschemier (Haras National Suisse, Avenches).

In the fight for the coveted Swiss championship title, 29 young, ambitious farriers showed their full commitment with much public attention. The competition was won by Jeremy Zuber, silver goes to Daniel Oetiker from Siggenthal Station (training company: Silvan Erne, Lengnau) and Maximilian Pressnig (training company: Bühler Schmiede AG, Abtwil) won bronze.

Dear Jeremy, we congratulate you on this gold medal from the bottom of our hearts and are proud of you. We wish you every success in the upcoming final exams and keep our fingers crossed for you.

Equestrian Sports Days Aarberg 2019

Cyrill ZuberAARBERG, CH - The Aarberg 2019 Equestrian Sports Days traditionally take place on the Aarolina in Aarberg on the Ascension weekend from 29.05. - 02.06.2019. As usual, Huftech's Fischgärtli will be present again and if you as a customer have not received a voucher for a portion of fish, please contact me directly.

The Aarberg Equestrian Sports Days are also highly recommended for non-horsemen.

CHI Geneva 2018

CHI Genève 2018GENEVA, CH - The 58th edition of the Geneva Concours Hippique International was held from 6 to 9 December 2018.

Also this year I am working as a farrier in Genève. My son Jeremy Zuber is also taking part in the Prix Credit Suisse, 1m35. Of course, his father is also interested and he is not disappointed, on the contrary: 5th out of 61 starters, that's a nice success.

World Equestrian Games 2018

Martin Fuchs mit ClooneyTRYON, USA - Only every four years the World Equestrian Games take place and thus form this year's highlight of the equestrian sports season. In 2018 the journey leads to the American Southern States: Tryon in North Carolina is the venue for the games, which will be held from 11 to 23 September 2018.

Martin Fuchs and Clooney won the silver medal in individual jumping ahead of Steve Guerdat (bronze).