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Welcome to our homepage of HUFTECH, Cyrill Zuber.

We would be pleased to show you some interesting aspects from the world of the farrier and HUFTECH. The quickest way to find out what's new is to read our News section. A lot has already been written about HUFTECH and in 2012, for example, "Westerner" created a video which gives you a good insight into my work. You will find the video, which by the way was shot in our forge in Bolligen, further down on this page. Since 01 March 2016 our new blacksmith's shop at the animal hospital in Bern has been fully equipped. The optimal location opens up new opportunities for us to work together with the specialist staff of the Bern Animal Hospital.

Now I hope you enjoy browsing the site.

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We will take the time for a detailed discussion about your horse and show you the different solutions.

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Together we implement the agreed solutions at the agreed time and to your complete satisfaction.

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Our activities meet the highest quality standards. Please see for yourself.


Cyrill Zuber

HUFTECH, Cyrill Zuber, has a very large experience of several years. Due to continuous education and training the professionalism is very high and diversified.

Our portfolio is as follows:




Training and further education


Our company at the animal hospital Bern

Infrastruktur - Schmiede


In this building, directly next to the animal hospital Bern, our new, top equipped blacksmith's shop is located since 01 March 2016. There is a yellow marked parking lot for towing vehicle and trailer available.

Schmiede - Beschlagsraum

Fitting room

From the entrance of our blacksmith's shop: View into the spacious fittings room, where we have room for two horses. The rooms are bright and friendly, so that the horses feel comfortable. In addition, the fittings room is separated from the adjoining workshop so that it is really pleasant for the horses.

Schmiede - Werkstatt


Workshop, warehouse, office - all in a separate and spacious room. Clearly arranged, short footpaths, in short: optimal for working efficiently.


In 2012 our forge was still located in Bolligen near Bern. At that time Westerner made a film about my company HUFTECH. The video shows the activities of HUFTECH very well and also points out the possible links between the work of a blacksmith and veterinary medicine. With the new blacksmith's shop at the animal hospital in Bern, HUFTECH has developed accordingly and intensified its cooperation with specialists from the animal hospital in Bern.

We hope you enjoy watching the video.

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