Cyrill ZuberPrice list

Balance at 01 January 2018

Price list, Balance at 01 January 2018

Possible changes reserved.

Service / ArticlesAmount in CHF
4 new horseshoes with old pins*170.--
2 new and 2 old horseshoes with old pins*155.--
4 old horseshoes*140.--
Farriers assistant (1 Horse)52.--
Trip (from 3 horses free of charge)32.--
GP-iron (pair)20.--
SX-iron (pair)20.--
Natural Balance iro (pair)20.--
Round bar (pair)20.--
Special ironat cost
Leather soles (per hoof)16.--
Combi sole (per hoof)20.--
Wedge leather sole (per hoof)20.--
Special soleat cost
Silikon Carré (per hoof)16.--
Vettec Equi-Pack (per hoof)35.--
Vettec Sli-Pack (per hoof)25.--
Luwex Rehepolster (per hoof)25.--
Fino-Paste (per hoof)25.--
Special fillingat cost
Mordax studs (per piece)4.--
Hollow studs (per piece)3.50
Screw studs (per piece)5.50
Carbide pin2.--
Hoof-Grip (per hoof)16.--
Variousat cost

Veterinary services

Service / ArticlesAmount in CHF
Medicationsat cost
Variousat cost

All prices include VAT (VAT No. 732 288).

Prices quoted with *CHF mean that a cash discount of 5% will be granted. Otherwise invoicing and payment will be made 30 days net.

For telephone information I am at your disposal Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 12.00 o'clock and 14.00 to 17.00 o'clock.

Cyrill Zuber, Farrier