Cyrill ZuberGeneva 2016

56. CHI Geneva 2016

56. CHI Geneva 2016

As a farrier at the CHI Genève 2016, it is always a great pleasure for me. Here are some highlights:
Nino des Buissonnets last tournament
3rd place for Maureen Wahl with Carlina Z (horse is cared for by Huftech)
Romain Duguet and Twentytwo des Biches with a clean zero lap (145cm)
Philippe Putallaz with Vancouver IV winner of the Barriers Jumping Test with 2m, etc.

Here are some impressions from Geneva:

Barriers Jumping test

The Swiss winner Philippe Putallaz with the Holstein stallion Vancouver IV trying to jump the 2.15m, which he unfortunately did not quite manage. Nevertheless he became winner with the jumped height of 2,00m.